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"Do We Really RIP Rest In Peace When We Die" We hear a lot of people when someone passes onto Eternity from this Life to the next Life in either Heaven or Hell, they say this common known statement RIP Rest In Peace. Without knowing Jesus Christ you are not Resting In Peace. In Hebrews 9:27 says this that it is appointed for mankind to die in this body and then face the Judgement, I encourage you to read this Bible verse for yourself. Without Jesus Christ in a corrupted Sinful world without Him we simply have no Hope! My question to you, are you struggling with this question what's after Death when I die? What does Eternity hold for you, if you were to Die this day in your Sin's, will you spend Eternity in Heaven or Hell, think about that? Perhaps maybe your a skeptic, maybe not. It's appointed for man to die and one day face the judgment. We have all broken God's Laws, therefore that makes us a Sinner see: James 2:10. Have you ever lied, have you ever stolen something, have you ever looked upon someone to Lust after them, the Bible says that if you look upon a person to Lust after them that you have committed adultery with that person in your heart Matthew 5:28 . If you have ever done one of these things then you have broken all of God's Laws, that makes you guilty of crimes against God a Holy God. If you found yourself in Court as a result with a $ 50,000 Dollar fine, would a good judge just let you go just because your sorry and you say that you won't commit the crime again? No He would not if He was a good judge. But only when your $50,000 Dollar fine is paid only then will you be free from the demands of the Law. The great news is this, Jesus paid your fine for breaking God's Laws when He went to the Cross for your Sin's having paid the outstanding debt your fine for you making it possible for you to go free. Once again let me ask you this question, what does Eternity hold for you if you were to die today, would you spend Eternity in Heaven or Hell? Today you can know your destiny (your future) for sure, here's how. By genuinely repenting of your many Sin's and surrendering your Heart to the Lord Jesus Christ. The Bible say's that you then become a Child of God, all old things become passed away behold all things will become new 2 Corinthians 5:17 you become then a new man or women in Christ. Come to the Cross of the Lord Jesus Christ today, receive forgiveness of Sin's taking on a new Life through the Lord Jesus Christ. Receive times of refreshing and Healing through Jesus! If you would like for me to pray with you, send me a message today. I will pray with you and will send you a free Bible free of charge on me. God Loves you with an everlasting Love, don't delay come to the Cross of Jesus Christ today! Jesus Tomb is empty this Day, I have been there. -Walter Slaughter-

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